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About Us

About Us

Bogazici Education Counseling Services has been providing overseas education consultancy services since 2002 in Besiktas / Istanbul. We help students who are willing to have overseas education by providing them professional consultancy services meeting their education and career goals and assist them in taking the right decisions. Bogazici Education Counseling Services has been working as a consultant for 16+ age groups, willing to have language education in the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada,South Africa, Australia, Spain and Malta for language education, two-year degree, undergraduate and postgraduate education in Australia, willing to improve their foreign language capability or willing to advance in their careers.

We have been attending the seminars of consulates regularly and by being trained according to the latest visa procedure changes, we can help students to submit accurate applications. Our students benefit from free visa consultancy service as well as travel arrangement services and to those who decide to study at schools that we represent. As Singapore Airlines Corporate partner cost effective flights to Singapore& Australia & New Zealand also being arranged.

Bogazici Education Counseling Services is also the first company in the industry who passed the PIER test in Turkey and rewarded with the “Qualified Education Agent Counsellor” certificate.


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Boğaziçi Yurtdışı Eğitim, Avustralya, İngiltere, Amerika,Kanada, Malta, İrlanda, İtalya, İspanya, Fransa ve Dubai'de öğrenim görmek, yabancı dilini geliştirmek, kariyerinde yükselmek isteyen kişilere ücretsiz yurtdışı eğitim danışmanlık hizmeti sunmaktadır. Bu hizmeti sunarken İlgili ülkelerin devlet ve meslek kuruluşlarının eğitimlerine katılmakta, akreditasyon ve kalite çalışmaları yürütmektedir.